Crashplan Gives Me Peace Of Mind

I don't often pay for services but there are essential exceptions. Crashplan is one of these exceptions. It enables my PC to be backed up silently, off-site, to the Crashplan servers. It keeps multiple versions of files and even deleted files can be recovered. You can access files (to restore them) on other PCs or even your mobile or laptop.

So, it gives me peace of mind to know that if my PC is damaged, or gets stolen (!) I can recover my data, including precious family photos etc.

Well worth the money.

FileZilla FTP Client

No contest - FileZilla is the best free FTP client out there. It's fast and self-updates (prompts at load time).

Now here's the best bit. Put the config file in your Dropbox and when you change a password or any other config details the changes 'follow you around'. How? See Basically move the config file to your Dropbox and create a symbolic link to the file on each PC.

My Favourite Joomla Extensions

First, I'm not a professional but I feel I can design a half-decent site and Joomla is my CMS of choice. Joomla is great but it lacks some standard features and these gaps have to be plugged using extensions. So I decided to list my favourite FREE extensions here in no particular order:

Akeeba Backup - essential to back up your site before a major change. If things go wrong use Akeeba Kickstart to restore.

ARI Image Slider - for that essential home page image slider.

JCE Editor - enhanced editor in the Admin backend.

OSMap - for generating and maintaining your Sitemap for Google etc.

OS Meta - Automatic generation of Meta data for search engines.

Snowfalling - adds a snowfall effect to your site for winter/Christmas.

Sigplus - for a simple to configure lightbox photo gallery.

Rapidcontact - for the World's simplest contact form!

A4Joomla simple responsive themes.

Withings Activite App Sync Issues

Having received a Withings Activite Steel tracker watch for Christmas I have been disappointed with the App. The watch itself looks great and is exactly what I wanted - a tracker that looks like a cool watch. However, having installed the app I am having great difficulty getting it to reliably sync with my Galaxy S5 phone. I am in touch with tech support but to be honest they don't seem to have much of an idea where the problem lies. It seems to perform better with Power Saving Mode off on my phone. It is still hit and miss however. If the sync doesn't perform the watch is effectively useless, other than as an expensive timepiece! This is because the app is the only way to see detailed information about steps, sleep pattern etc. The watch itself just has the hour and minute hands, and a small dial that gives an idea of the steps as a percentage of your daily target - but that's it. Detail info has to be viewed in the app. This is fine if the app syncs ok, which it doesn't. Ongoing...


Unlike the Fitbit I previously used, the Withings syncs under very specific circumstances. To quote tech support: 

"The watch automatically syncs in the background when certain conditions are met. These conditions are:

  • You have taken more than 1,000 steps since the last sync, followed by one minute with less than 50 steps

  • More than 6 hours have passed since the last sync took place

  • The daily objective for steps has been reached"

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