Readly - My Latest Discovery

It's not often that an app appears that gets me excited and it's not often that I pay for a subscription service unless it's really good. Some years ago it was Google Play Music Unlimited Family Subscription. Being a music fan I immediately signed up and now me and my family enjoy unlimited music on phones, tablets, PC etc etc. I recently saw the TV ad for Readly and thought I'd try the free trial. Wow. Hundreds of magazines to download on up to 5 devices for £7.99 a month. My whole family use my subscription. I was a little sceptical before I signed up. I suspected poor quality rendering of the magazines. I expected limited choice. How wrong could I be? Imagine going into WH Smiths and scooping up all the magazines from the shelves and taking them home! Basically that's Readly. Well not in paper form of course but in high quality digital format with a simple to use app. Highly recommended.

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