myJoomla Indispensable To Multiple Site Joomla Admins

I rarely pay for services unless they are essential. I recently got a bit fed up with trawling round my various Joomla sites backing up and updating extensions etc. It was hard to know what sites were and were not up to date. I read a forum post about myJoomla and trialled it and now I am a convert! 

I would strongly urge any Joomla admins to try it out. I can now, from a central location:

  • Auto backup my sites (using Akeeba) to a regular schedule.
  • Audit my sites to a schedule.
  • See what extensions need updating, and update them on all sites from a single point. myJoomla can even auto-update many common extensions.
  • Set up site up/down alerts.
  • See what extensions I am using on what sites, froma  central point.
  • and much more

myJoomla even found some hacked files that I thought I had removed. It encouraged me to secure the administrator area of my sites with htaccess passwords and made many other recommendations.

My sites are now secure and clean as a result of using myJoomla. Give it a try.

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