myJoomla Indispensable To Multiple Site Joomla Admins

I rarely pay for services unless they are essential. I recently got a bit fed up with trawling round my various Joomla sites backing up and updating extensions etc. It was hard to know what sites were and were not up to date. I read a forum post about myJoomla and trialled it and now I am a convert! 

I would strongly urge any Joomla admins to try it out. I can now, from a central location:

  • Auto backup my sites (using Akeeba) to a regular schedule.
  • Audit my sites to a schedule.
  • See what extensions need updating, and update them on all sites from a single point. myJoomla can even auto-update many common extensions.
  • Set up site up/down alerts.
  • See what extensions I am using on what sites, froma  central point.
  • and much more

myJoomla even found some hacked files that I thought I had removed. It encouraged me to secure the administrator area of my sites with htaccess passwords and made many other recommendations.

My sites are now secure and clean as a result of using myJoomla. Give it a try.

We Are Being Forced to Secure Our Sites

...which is not a bad thing I suppose. Have you visited a site and got the annoying messages from Chrome or Firefox about the site being insecure, not safe etc? Google and co are trying to secure the web. Pretty ambitious stuff! It creates a bit of work for webmasters though. There may also be a cost too. Luckily the ISP I use provides free certification. I am currently testing one of my sites to see if this all works.

Image Resizer

Another essential free tool for Windows is Image Resizer. It provides a nice simple way to resize images via a right click pop-up in the context menu of File Explorer.

Google Play Music - Just Needs Tweaking

As previously mentioned I love GPM (my abbreviation!). I would, however, love to see a few improvements. Off the top of my head: Sort Albums in order of release date (or at least display the release date somewhere on or near the Album artwork. Or offer a choice of sort sequences. Eg. Title, Release Date. It would be good if the Home Page contained a magazine style feature of reviews, band news, etc. and this could be carried down to song level so when listening to a song related articles display. I would also love lyrics to be built into GPM. I do use a very good lyric app called Musixmatch to get round this. Musixmatch pops up the lyrics and syncs with the song. 

Readly - My Latest Discovery

It's not often that an app appears that gets me excited and it's not often that I pay for a subscription service unless it's really good. Some years ago it was Google Play Music Unlimited Family Subscription. Being a music fan I immediately signed up and now me and my family enjoy unlimited music on phones, tablets, PC etc etc. I recently saw the TV ad for Readly and thought I'd try the free trial. Wow. Hundreds of magazines to download on up to 5 devices for £7.99 a month. My whole family use my subscription. I was a little sceptical before I signed up. I suspected poor quality rendering of the magazines. I expected limited choice. How wrong could I be? Imagine going into WH Smiths and scooping up all the magazines from the shelves and taking them home! Basically that's Readly. Well not in paper form of course but in high quality digital format with a simple to use app. Highly recommended.

Disk Space Management With Treesize

An essential free tool for managing disk space is Treesize. It makes it so simple to work out why your drive is so full.

Don't Buy a PC Without a Solid State Drive

... aka SSD. Having converted about 15 PCs so far from conventional drives to SSD the performance benefits are incredible.


I buy SSDs from Crucial. They bundle a free version of Acronis in with the drives.

Existing drives can be replaced using Acronis. In simple terms the steps are: use Acronis to clone the drive, then physically remove the original drive and replace with the clone. The old drive can be used as additional storage (either fit internally or in a caddy to use externally). Make sure you run Acronis from a DVD though, don't install it on the drive to be cloned. I guarantee it won't work successfully and you could trash your drive! Be warned.

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